My Grills

Like many fellow grillers, I got serious with a charcoal Weber kettle. I cooked the usual hamburgers, brats (I live in Wisconsin), steaks and chicken pieces. I was hooked when I convinced my wife Anne to let me do our Thanksgiving turkey in the kettle. Best turkey ever.

Next was a gas grill. Like many others, I bought a cheap gas grill and proceeded to burn a lot of food. Fortunately I was able to return it and got a weber gas grill. It was more like and oven than a grill. Never got hot enough for me and ended up giving it away. Eventually I settled on a Weber natural gas stainless steel Summit. After 15 years it is still going strong.

For portability I have a Weber Q2200. Besides throwing it in the car and taking it to parks, its great to use when the temperature is below zero (Fahrenheit). Rather than having to keep a supply of one pound gas canisters I invested in a hose/regulator and a 5 pound propane tank. One tank will last me most of a year.

Jumping on the pellet grill craze I purchased a PitBoss Austin XL from Walmart when they hosed up their inventory and offered it for $299. Shortly after that, Weber introduced their Smokefire line of pellet grills. I bought a gen 1 EX6 and sold the PitBoss. I’ve had a love hate relationship with pellet grills but find more love than hate. Food really cooks well on one.